Collection: Gone Fishing

In the quirky town of Lakeside, Mr. C.E.W.M, a military war vet turned fishing legend, had a wild idea. He set out to Lake Serenity for a fishing break. Jokingly, he muttered about catching a shark in a lake—the most absurd thing ever.

But as luck would have it, his line went berserk. Reeling with all his vet strength, a shark catapulted out, as if auditioning for a comedy show. With a raised eyebrow and a deadpan expression, Mr. C.E.W.M thought, "Well, this beats combat surprises."

Skipping the shark-out-of-water drama, he embraced his military resourcefulness and built a lakeside grill out of twigs. As he seasoned the shark with "top-secret" spices, he imagined it was a quirky battlefield feast. Onlookers gathered, probably expecting another funny twist.

With a wink and a salute, he served up shark sliders, making everyone laugh. Sharing war stories, both real and absurdly fictional, he turned the lakeside into a battlefield of laughter. So, there he was: a formal vet turned shark-wrangling, culinary-loving comedian, leaving Lakeside with a belly full of shark and laughter.